Our Vision

To see people become champions by developing their innate abilities in putting concepts into action and practice ensuring that their energy is converted to resourcefulness.

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Our Institute

CareerCaptains Institute has been Accredited to offer Professional and Diploma on Vocational and Managment programes.

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Learn a Vocation

We are doing everything possible to help people discover themselves by believing in their strength and giving their best to bringing it into fruition.

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CareerCaptains Int'l.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer every person a platform for self-discovery to be able to innovatively explore their innate potentials.


CareerCaptains was borne out of the passion to harness the potential of individuals and rescue them from the menace of unemployment, uncertainties, poverty and exploitation. We believe that every individual has at least one gift or potential that can possibly be discovered and engaged in order to improve on it. Hence our offer to help train people to discover their innate potentials.

Secondly, to help them Package and Launch their products and thirdly, to assist our trainees to get access to resources and opportunities by promoting them.

We have been able to influence over Eight Thousand (8,000) Africans under two year of operation in Ghana, West Africa of which Ninety eight percent (98%) are women. About 80% of the trainees are already applying the skills acquired in making a living for themselves.

In order to achieve this better, we created a platform SAVICER, an online platform where everyone who have a service can enlist their service and those who need them can make a connection with them and get their works done, virtually or physically. Our students are the first beneficiaries of this as we advertise and encourage them on this as soon as they obtain their Certificates from us.


The Organization serves everyone across borders regardless of age, culture, race, gender and income. As such we have programs ranging from, Children Career Club (3C) for School Children, Students Career Club (S2C) for Students in Higher schools of learning, Advanced Career Club (A2C) for Graduates and Artisans, Executive Career Club (E2C) for Working Class and Role Models for Successful Career Men and Women.

CareerCaptains... Careers right about to get Better!

Our Clubs